NaNoWriMo Camp: Wait, it’s over?


Yesterday, I validated my word count in NaNoWriMo camp.  This means that somehow after not having any idea as to where my plot was going, I wrote a very rough draft of my novel.  Holymoly.  I was not expected to have so much fun.  I know that sounds odd, but I was expecting myself to be dragging my feet through word counts, watching that obnoxious number slowly rise.  Instead, I got tangled in plot lines and character development and exceeded my own goal.  I’ve got to say, the most rewarding piece of this whole experience was my cabin.  It was awesome to have people to bounce ideas off of and to encourage me to continue on when I did trip up.  I’m slightly dreading editing, as I usually do but still, I am excited for the next camp.

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My wife and I were curled up under the covers and were getting ready to fall asleep when I heard the front door open.  This would be acceptable, even normal, if we had a teenage child who wasn’t home yet or any children at all for that matter…or even a dog.  No, my wife and I live alone.  I wrapped myself up in a robe and headed for the door.

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