How do you slow down your life? Is the great struggle really that we’re all losing time or are we just doing it wrong? Maybe it’s the way my mind works, but I think we’re doing a lot wrong. 

The negativity swirls around my head like a toxin, sucking life out of my chest with each breath.  People are always unhappy.  We’re sick, tired, there’s simply too much going on. We are never satisfied.  Rather than appreciating that sky, we say ugh I’m here so I can’t appreciate it.  

I’m transitioning from a world of imagination to a world of facts.  Facts seem ruthless and cold. Imagination offers endless possibilities as you float through the beauty of the world.  

Looking at the students in my classroom, it seems inevitable that we will be the same tomorrow and the idea of it weakens my soul.  Until we change, you can find me clinging to books and films where imagination reigns.  I will hide in my possibilities and smile through the cold, gray faces surrounding me. Go ahead and tell me that my dreams are impossible, how I should be a teacher instead. Ask me what the point of my degree is.

The point in my degree is this: happiness. I don’t want to wait for a mid-life crisis to go after my dreams. If I fail, at least I can say I tried.