What in the heck is Cured With Words? Who is writing it? Is it a robot?!


Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions.


What is Cured With Words?

Cured With Words is my reminder to myself to keep writing.  I’d like to have one piece of work published by the end of the academic year.  CWW will also be filled with my adventures in the writing world, from editing processes to submissions. Come join me on the journey and let’s see what happens!

Why is it called Cured With Words?

I fell in love with words because they have always made me feel better.  It may be in the form of a book or in writing a piece of work myself, but words have never let me down.

Who are you?

I’m Emily – writer, student, fangirl, avid book hoarder and possible robot.  When I’m not writing or reading books, I spend my time watching television, hanging out with my fantastic fiancé Sean and playing video games.


Questions? Concerns? Prompts?

Email: curedwithwords@live.com


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