Dear Anne


Dear Anne,

I know it seems like there is so much promise in loving a man with power…He seems like he can give you anything and well, he actually can but spoiling someone is not always equated to love.  Yes, we do spoil those we love but spoiling someone can not replace dedication and loyalty.  He says he loves you and I think you believe it.  He might even believe it too.  Maybe there is no love there; it’s possible that you’ve even accepted that.  Power for your family might be worth more than love to you, which is fine.  Every one has different values…but is power worth your happiness, worth your life?  Is it worth your brother’s life?

I beg of you to heed my warning.  Think of how easily he tossed Catherine aside.  Do you think he is uncapable of doing the same to you? Proceed with caution.




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