Laughter Just Might Be The Best Medicine

This is the best description of myself I could have ever found.

a little bit of erica by my side



Oh man. As someone who has personally experienced anxiety, and also had people in my life be impacted by it, these comics are so accurate… and funny. I think that being able to laugh about and accept the areas of your life that you may not like it a great coping skill. Laughter brings people together and allows for exposure to somewhat taboo or stigmatized subjects. It is through sharing our stories that acceptance and changes to our culture will happen. There is a cool project called ‘Stand Up For Mental Health’ that allows those dealing with mental health concerns to turn their problems into stand up comedy. Their belief is that “laughing at our setbacks raises us above them. It makes people go from despair to hope, and hope is crucial to anyone struggling with adversity. Studies prove that hopeful people are more resilient and also tend to live…

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Freedom in each drop of sweat,

Struggle is a necessary piece of the puzzle.

The music pumps louder,

energy running through my veins,

faster, faster.


A rush like no other,

Life seems brighter now.


[Author’s Note: Will edit much more later, but have to go for now.]


My wife and I were curled up under the covers and were getting ready to fall asleep when I heard the front door open.  This would be acceptable, even normal, if we had a teenage child who wasn’t home yet or any children at all for that matter…or even a dog.  No, my wife and I live alone.  I wrapped myself up in a robe and headed for the door.

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Now Hiring: Some Therapy Required.

[Note: Apologies for not posting yesterday. Didn’t have time to get online and post it but I will post twice today.  This piece is a very rough draft of a piece I’d like to submit at some point.  It doesn’t have an introduction yet. Feedback is highly appreciated.]

Professionalism has gone out the window.  It’s not to say that we are not trying, but the execution could use some work.  We seem more like a family that child services are frequently called to visit.  Mom is usually hiding from the kids outside, smoking a cigarette and praying that her nagging mother in law will disappear.  I can’t tell what will harm her first, the cigarettes or the impending breakdown. Continue reading

Charles and Liliana

He sat in the brown paisley chair, engulfed in his pipe smoke.  He sat with with back erect against the chair and his legs crossed, carefully to make sure he did not wrinkle his suit.  A piece of hair had fallen in front of his eyes but he did not move.

It has always been his dream to have enough time to actually sit in the parlor room. He was never quite sure why.  He wasn’t even really sure why anyone needed a parlor room.  It said more about the preconceived notions the homeowner had about wealth than about whatever a parlor room was for.  When he presented this point to his mother years ago, she rolled her eyes at his ignorance.

“Charles, it is to entertain guests.”

He didn’t dare ask her why no other room in a house was worthy of entertaining guests.  Does a name and a preconceived notion truly define something’s worth? He hoped not, because that was a devastating thought for humanity.

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The Funeral Director with Necrophobia (introduction)

Isn’t it slightly sadistic to have fall be your favorite season? I mean you are reveling in the beauty of somethings death. I guess I just don’t find death beautiful.  I don’t really think it is something that I can cope with.  I work in a funeral home. You’d think I’d be able to cope, even understand, death it’s because of my career.   But no. I can’t handle it.  I know everyone at some point learns how to cope with death but I’m not there yet and I don’t know how to get there. I don’t know how people just accept that everything you care about will be gone.

But you can’t just up and leave the family business, even if it leaves you teetering on the edge of a breakdown.  See, if you are a guy, you can do whatever you want.  Your role is to pass on the family name.  If you marry a woman who can’t have kids, you don’t want kids or heaven forbid are gay, you’ll cause the end of the world.  Yep. That’s the logic of my family. Intense much? I agree.  Now imagine what happens when the family’s livelihood actually depends on your career.